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Display Advertisement.

Before we start let us understand “What is Google Display Network?” It is the collection of Millions of websites. Each of these websites is eligible to shows Ads on their pages. Online Display Advertising networks is an effective way to reach interested users, increase awareness and power up sales.

When showing ads on the Display Network, you can.

● Reach new customers
● Select where your ads appear
● Engage users with appealing ad formats

Ad types on the Display Network can use to attract customers on the Display Network.

● Text ads
● Image ads
● Rich media ads
● Video ads

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AdWords Display Ads.

The Display Network is a collection of partner websites and specific Google websites – including
Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube – that show AdWords ads. These networks also include mobile sites and apps.

Module 1.


1.1 About the Google Display Network
1.2 Where ads might appear on the Display Network
1.3 About contextual targeting
1.4 About the Display Network ad auction
1.5 About “Search Network with Display Select”
1.6 Create an effective mobile site

Module 2.

Setting up Campaigns.

2.1 Create an AdWords campaign to reach the right customers
2.2 Structuring your AdWords account
2.3 Using the AdWords Ad gallery
2.4 Bidding features on the Display Network
2.5 Choose a bid for your Display Network campaign
2.6 Bid on viewable impressions using viewable CPM
2.7 About Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)
2.8 About bid adjustments
2.9 About flexible bid strategies
2.10 About Conversion Optimizer
2.11 Enhance your ad with extensions

Module 3.

Showing your ads.

3.1 Targeting settings on the Display Network
3.2 About managed placements
3.3 Target websites about specific topics
3.4 Add negative keywords to your campaign
3.5 How language targeting works
3.6 Using custom ad scheduling
3.7 Advanced mobile and tablet options in “Display Network only”
3.8 Display Planner to get targeting ideas and traffic estimates
3.9 The Display Network tab

Module 4.

Reaching target Audience.

4.1 Reach people interested in your products or services
4.2 Reach people similar to your existing audiences
4.3 Reach people of specific demographics
4.4 Use re-marketing to reach past website visitors and app users
4.5 Use dynamic re-marketing to show ads tailored to your site
4.6 Create a feed for your Dynamic Display Ads

Module 5.

Measure and optimize performance.

5.1 Drive sales and generate leads
5.2 Increase brand awareness
5.3 Measuring sales and conversions
5.4 Evaluate ad performance on the Display Network
5.5 Account, campaign, and ad group performance
5.6 Explore your data on the Campaigns tab
5.7 Optimize Display Network ads and campaigns
5.8 Tips for creating effective Display Ads
5.9 About display targeting optimization
5.10 Understanding conversion tracking

AdWords Display Ads.
Job Descriptions.

Display Marketer’s roles and responsibilities in an organization.
A brief look at its benefits.


  • Preparing Campaigns targeting websites and to promote various brands
  • Choosing an appropriate targeting method (Contextual, Placements, Re-Marketing)
    for the right customers wherever they are online
  • Setting proper Bidding strategies ( viewable CPM or ECPC) for the Display Networks
  •  Evaluate Ads performance on the Display Network
  • Proper optimization Display Network Ads Groups and Campaigns
  •  Creative Tips for creating effective Display Ads
  • Optimization of mobile apps installs campaigns
  • Use Remarketing to reach past website visitors and app users


  • It completes your branding circle
  • Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting
  • Get the ads featured on relevant sites
  • Use complete transparency to your advantage
  • Target through user Demographic and Interests

Display Ads Job Scope.
Various industries.

Understand which industries hire candidates with skills in AdWords Online Display Advertising.


Almost 90% of consumers today use the Internet to research new vehicles.
Automotive industries find display Ads more cost efficient for shaping purchase decisions.
Automotive advertising spending is forecasted to grow by more than twofold from
$1.5 billion in 2009 to $3.9 billion and more from 2014 Onwards.

display 3

Computer And Consumer
Electronic Industries.

Marketing for the computer and electronics industry has always been done with the use of traditional methods. Statistics show that one place where people are searching is on the Internet.
People are also taking referrals about the new products, reading about services and communication on the Internet.
Major multinationals are using display ads to promote their newly launched products on cnet.com etc.



Display advertising is an essential method used to promote e-commerce business. A well-designed and attractive display Ads generate more clicks,
which can help in generating more awareness about your newly launched or existing Businesses/Brands on various devices Laptop, Mobile, Tablets etc.

display 7

AdWords Display Ads.

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