Bid Adjustment

Bid Adjustment   Bid adjustment allows you adjust bids based on locations, devices, & different times of the day (ad ...
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different adwords tools and its functions

Google Adwords Tools & It’s Functions

Adwords Tools Your Adwords toolbox contains a few primary categories of tools: Tools you can use to help build your account, ...
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zero conversions in adwords

How to fix Zero Conversions in Adwords

What is conversion and how to fix zero conversions in Adwords? In Google Adwords,  a conversion happens when a user ...
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Boost Your Ad Through Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional information about your business like a phone number, location, link to a specific page on your ...
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Free Seminar on Digital Marketing

FREE SEMINAR ON DIGITAL MARKETING This seminar is a complete and concise overview of the key aspects of Digital Marketing ...
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Google Merchant Center and Product Listing Ads

If you want to create product listing ads of your products and make them available in Google Shopping platforms, you ...
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adwords display network targeting

Google Adwords Display Network Targeting

What is Google Display Network? Before we start let's understand "What is Google Display Network?" It is the collection of millions ...
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tips for writing ads in google adwords

How to write great Ads in Adwords

There are many metrics that a PPC advertiser should focus on to achieve a good ROI on their Google campaigns ...
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