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Who is a Customer.
What is Customer Service.

A Customer is a current or potential buyer or the user of the products or services of an individual or organization. Customer service is a genuine concern for your customer’s well-being and a strong desire to help your customers solve their problems.

Customer Service requires the right attitude as it is everyone’s  job. Respect your customer at all times and give your customer what they want. Always exceed customer’s expectations, be truthful. Always ask for a feedback from the customer so that you can evaluate yourself. Be full of positivity and reciprocate with the customer in the language they can understand. Give your customer your full attention by following up with them.

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Client Servicing Training.

Module 1.


1.1 Definition of Customer & Customer Service
1.2 The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service
1.3 Moment of Truth
1.4 The SERVE Model
1.5 Customer Profiling & Types of Services
1.6 Objections and Objection Handling Technique

Module 2.


2.1 Patience
2.2 Attentiveness
2.3 Communication Skills
2.4 Knowledge of the Product
2.5 Ability to Use “Positive Language”
2.6 Time Management Skills
2.7 Ability to “Read” Customers
2.8 Goal Oriented Focus
2.9 Persuasion Skills

Module 3.


3.1 How to pull Reports
3.2 Which Reports to focus on
3.3 Where to download Reports
3.4 Analysis & Recommendations
3.5 Reports based on specific Goals & Objectives
3.6 Report Formatting/Presentation

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