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About Mobile.

Enroll today for our Mobile Ads Certification .Smartphone ownership continues to expand as more affordable devices and data plans hit the market. As a result, consumers can now use smartphones, tablets, and computers to interact with businesses 24/7, from anywhere – at home or at work. All brands need to think deeply about what it means to serve mobile customers. A mobile conversion can be a customer filling up an online shopping basket and checking out, searching for store directions or calling your business directly. It can also be a person visiting a store, downloading an app that leads to a purchase, or starting a shopping process on mobile and finishing it on a computer or tablet later in the day.

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AdWords Mobile Ads.

Our AdWords training includes the In-depth understanding of Mobile Ads Campaigns.

Module 1.

Mobile Advertising Overview.

Consumer behavior and the impact of mobile.
1.1.1 Mobile trends and opportunity
1.1.2 Ways consumers make decisions

How mobile can fulfill advertisers’ objectives.
1.2.1 Promote an app
1.2.2 Drive calls
1.2.3 Drive online sales
1.2.4 Drive store sales
1.2.5 Build awareness

Module 2.

Bidding and Targeting Strategies.

2.1 Mobile bid adjustment
2.2 Keywords
2.3 Targeting
2.4 Mobile – specific bidding strategies
2.5 Remarketing
2.6 Importance of a mobile site
2.7 Needs of a mobile site
2.8 App design insights

Module 3.

Mobile Ads.

3.1 Network overview: Display, Search, YouTube
3.2 Ad extensions
3.3 Ad formats
3.4 Mobile display
3.5 Interstitial/Video
3.6 App promotion
3.7 App engagement
3.8 Google selling points

Module 4.


4.1 Full value of Mobile
4.2 How mobile AdWords is different than desktop
4.3 Measuring mobile success
4.4 App conversion tracking
4.5 Call conversion tracking
4.6 Mobile analytics with third parties
4.7 Google Analytics integration
4.8 Reporting

AdWords Mobile Ads.
Job Description.

A way to understand a Digital Marketer’s position for Mobile Ads in the organization.
A Brief look at it’s Benefits.


  • Build and manage a rich content Display and Videos that attracts a qualified audience to our owned properties
  • Target the most downloaded Apps according to the industry preference and show Ads
  • Strategies the Ads and choose proper network where you want to show Ads (Display Ads and Video Ads.) best fit for mobile Ads
  • Working on the App promotion by creating text, banner, image, GIF, and interstitial ads to drive people to an app store
  • Choosing the Ads formats based on Devices, and platforms (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Optimization of the Bidding on mobile Ads based on Devices
  • Increase or decrease every bid in your campaign to bid more or less competitively across devices, locations, times of day, and more


  • Access to a wide range of creative options
  • Mobile advertising is a cost-effective option for actively reaching a highly targeted audience
  • Modern consumer is generally quite attached to his or her smartphone
  • It is a cost-effective means of marketing the company’s products and services
  • It can be easily used to build a customer database

Mobile Ads Job Scope.
Various Industries.

Understand which industries hire candidates with skills for AdWords Mobile Ads.

Apps And Gaming.

Operators are selling the mobile and online games through app stores and mobile portal. They have tied up with game developers for exploring new mobile games, rather consumers losing interest in frequent games.


Music Apps.

Music was undergoing a similarly tumultuous transition 15 years ago, spurred by the advent of peer-to-peer networks like Napster that let users share tracks anonymously with other users. The growing influx of music streaming platforms on mobile is requiring marketers to develop long-term advertising strategies that take into account the economic growth.


Mobile Wallet.

Mobile payment has huge market potential and many leading operators have started mobile payment services with unlimited creative opportunities that businesses of all sizes can leverage to delight, surprise, educate, and inform an audience — through video, audio, dynamic content, and paid social media e-commerce.


AdWords Mobile Ads

digital marketing course lucknow, online marketing course in lucknow, online marketing certification, seo, sem, social media marketing
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