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Social Media.

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that implements various social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Our Social media marketing course primarily covers activities involving social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media advertising. Social media advertising isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s a real, tangible driver of leads and sales, and marketing departments are increasing their social reach. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other social networks are filled with hundreds of Millions of consumers. So join our Social Media Marketing Course Now


Social Media Marketing.
Course Modules.

Our training includes the In-depth understanding of Social Media Marketing.

Module 1.

Marketing On Social Media.

1.1 Promote brands on Social Media
1.2 Generate leads
1.3 Increase Local Sales
1.4 Drive Online Sales
1.5 Promote your Apps
1.6 Introduction to Twitter and Linkedin

Module 2.

Social Media Targeting.

2.1 Introduction to Facebook Adverts
2.2 Ad Campaign and Targeting through Adverts
2.3 Adverts Optimization
2.4 Instagram Adverts
2.5 Advertising Policies

Module 3.

How To Overview Ads.

3.1 How Facebook Adverts work
3.2 Creating the Advert campaigns
3.3 How Business Manager works
3.4 Power Editors

Module 4.

Facebook Pixels.

4.1 Create Facebook Pixels.
4.2 Add Facebook Pixel codes to all your website pages.
4.3 Add the event codes to your website pages.
4.4 Confirm Pixel Implementation is correct.

Social Media Marketer.
Job Descriptions.

  • Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites
  • Deliberate planning and goal setter
  • Should be able to generate inbound Marketing
  • Development of online reputation and brand awareness
  • Should be able to create and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content
  • High-Quality and creative Visual content

Facebook Advert.

Social Media Marketing Certification

Social Media Marketing.

  • Helps in gaining valuable customers insight
  • Helps in promotion of newly launched Brands
  • Run targeted Ads with real-time results
  • Helps in generating high and valuable customer leads
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Can help in finding competitor’s strategies (Targeting) with Ad
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