Beware: Agencies giving false claim to be Google Partner -
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Beware: Digital Marketing Institutes And Agencies
giving false claim to be Google Partner

How to check whether their claim of Google Partner is true of not?

There is a simple method that Google itself provides on their Google Partners Page.

  1. When you first open Google Partners page, click on Find a Google Partner. A new page will come where you can search a respective agency by its name or website or else you can find the number of agencies who are genuine Google partner in your city or country by just entering the location. You can check the claim by clicking the link below.
  2. You can also check the status by clicking the Google Parter’s Badge shown on the company website. If the Badge is not clickable then you know something is fishy!


Benefits of Being Google Partner

Being a Google Partner gives you a whole lot of benefits, such as-

  • You can add Google Partner badge to your website, developing trust with your client.
  • Managing more accounts with ease in Google AdWords with different interfaces.
  • You’ll get beta/pilot versions before going public.
  • You’ll be notified about all new products from Google before going public.
  • The more you spend on AdWords account the more attention & benefits you’ll get from Google.

Digitrend as an agency is a Google Partner itself and you can check this out by clicking the link below-



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