Ad Words Bid Adjustment on devices, Location & Adscheduling
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Bid Adjustment


Bid adjustment allows you adjust bids based on locations, devices, & different times of the day (ad scheduling).

Bid Adjustment


How Bidding Adjustments Work


Bid adjustment is the change of percentage in the default bid which allows us to increase or decrease for different locations, devices & Times.  For example, a location that produces more valuable leads can be targeted more aggressively.  With an increase in Bid will make your ads show on higher positions. Also, your Ads will win more in Auctions.


Bid Adjustment is set at Campaign Level & has different ranges for Locations, Devices & Times respectively.


Another example: Say you’ve got a campaign that performs well on mobile devices with a $1 max CPC bid. To show your ad to more customers on mobile devices, you set a bid adjustment of +20% for searches on mobile devices, resulting in a final bid amount $1.20.

Bid Adjustment



  • To alter your bids when your ads appear on mobile devices, you can specify a mobile bid adjustment at the campaign level or at the ad group level.


  • Under “Mobile bid adjustment” in the edit panel, enter a value from -90% through +300%, inclusive.


  • You can enter -100% to opt out of mobile for the selected campaigns or ad groups.


  • A bid adjustment of -90% reduces the bid by 90%, likewise +300%, increases the mobile bid four times the original amount.


Bid Adjustments


For example, your Ad group bid is $ 2.00(rs.135) and the campaign bid adjustment of -50%. When ads from the Ad groups serve on mobile devices, the bid is reduced by $1.00(rs.67.5).


  • Location bid adjustments can be made at the campaign.
  • Use location bid adjustments to show your ad more or less frequently to customers in certain countries, cities, or other geographic areas.

Bid Adjustment

  • You can also use location extension targeting to set different bids for customers who are located around your business.
  • Using location extensions helps you to show your Ads with the business location, phone number, and a map marker, you can specifically choose the location and radius around to show your ads to people located near your business and set different bids for these potential customers.
  • A bid adjustment can vary from -90% to +900%.


Time Of The Day(Ad Scheduling)

  • Ad scheduling bidding adjustment can be customized to specify hours or days of the week.

Bid Adjustments

  • Setting a custom ad schedule allows you to specify exactly when you want your ads to show and when you want to bid more or less aggressively.

Bid Adjustment

  • Set bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for up to 6 time periods in a day
  • The bidding adjustment can range from -90% to +900%.


How Multiple Bid Adjustment Works Together 

When you set more than one bid adjustment in your campaign, those adjustments are typically multiplied together to determine how much your bid will increase or decrease.

How To Quantify Combined Bidding

  • Google AdWords performs the multiplication for the combined bidding.
  • Example, Default keyword bid £1 and the following adjustments: +20% for Mondays, +30% for Norwich and +10% for mobiles, Instead of using the sum of the adjustments to result in +60%, each adjustment is applied sequentially to the multiplied bid. The final effect on your bid is a 72% adjustment.
  • Google AdWords provides with a tool in the interface to do all the hard work The Bid Calculator.

The Bid Calculator

the manual calculation for the multiple bidding would seem to be a quite an impossible task, thus google came up with Bid Calculator which is the Fulcrum for multiple calculations (Locations, Devices & time) & provides with an appropriate number for the final bidding.

For Example, The retailer’s max CPC bid for the keyword [party supplies] is $1. When someone searches for “party supplies” on a smartphone within a mile radius from the store on Wednesday, then the location, time, and mobile bid adjustments set will apply. So this retailer’s CPC bid for this particular search would be adjusted to $1.50 ($1 x (100% + 50%) x (100% – 20%) x (100% + 25%) = $1.50).


Multiple locations bid adjustments

  • Multiple adjustments that apply to the same location won’t be combined.
  • If you set an adjustment of +50% for France, and +100% for Paris, only the adjustment for Paris, the most specific location, will be used for traffic from users in Paris.
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