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Black Hat SEO : The Dark side

Black Hat SEO refers to practices followed to improve the rankings of the website. These practices are unapproved or against guidelines of the search engines. Also known as unethical SEO or spamdexing. Unethical SEO practices generally involve deception and are designed to dodge search engines position evaluation process.

Black SEO approach are generally used by people who want to make quick money. Or expect quick return from their websites rather than long term benefits.Using black hat techniques usually leads to getting banned on the search engines. Website owners who use black hat SEO are prepared to take the risk of being banned as the focus is quick profit generation.

Some black hat SEO techniques are:

Keyword stuffing

Search engine scan web pages for words used by user as search query. And the most number of times that keyword is present in your website makes the website most relevant. Website is eventually placed on top organic listings of the search engine.And this is where keyword stuffing comes into action, web page and meta tags are loaded with keywords which helps deceive search engines and get top SEO rankings.

keyword stuffing

Doorway pages

Also referred to as a doorway, a jump page, anentry page or a bridge page.When a user clicks on these website they redirects user to ‘real’ website. Doorway pages are HTML pages designed with particular keywords and phrases. With this websites are able to fool spiders and hence get top seo rankings

doorway page

Link farm 

Link farms are group of websites hyperlinked or simply linked to each other in the group. The sole purpose of being linked is increasing backlinks which as a result leads to good SEO positions. Link farms can be handmade, but mostly they are automated programs and services.

link farming


cloaking simply means offering one page to search engines and completely different page to users.Search engines assess web pages based on meta tags , titles and meta descriptions .Cloaking method therefore helps greatly in avoiding spiders to get hold of actual website content


Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to content copied from other web pages. If the content on your website is present on internet in one or more places then your content will be classified as duplicate.While people who follow unethical SEO methods copy paste content. From places simply to make their website content good  and spare themselves the pain of creating original content.
duplicate content


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