How To Get Google Partner’s Badge For Your Agency? -
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Google partner’s badge is granted to those Companies/Agencies who qualified for Partner’s Status, For that, your agencies have to achieve Google’s Partners eligibility criteria.


Benefits Of This Program.

• Showcase Partners badge on your website
• Gain Prospective Client’s trust
• Sustained and grow your client base
• Online properties, and offline marketing materials
• Having a company profile and visibility on Google Partner Search website.
• Access to different levels of training and support

Partner status requirements

The Google Partner Badge show’s that your agency is recognized by Google as AdWords certified partner.

The criteria to achieve the “Partner Status”

1. Company Profile

By sign into the Google Partner’s website, you can add your agency by creating and completing a company profile. Which includes your companies basic information such as
• Your agency’s name
• Your Company/Agency Website
• Contact Information
• Description & Service offered

Completing the profile is the first step towards achieving partner’s status and make’s your agency to appear on Google Partner Search for Digital Marketing Services. Ensure that while signing up with the partner’s you have to make both individual accounts for yourself & a company profile for your agency.

2. Certification

To fulfill the certification criteria for the Partner’s Badge, one of your affiliated members needs to be AdWords certified. To be AdWords certified professional need to clear compulsory exam AdWords fundamental exam along with any one of the additional advertising exams Search Advance, Display advertising, Mobile advertising, Video advertising, or Shopping advertising.

3. Spend

After joining in with the Google partner’s the agency have to meet the minimum requirements to be an active agency.

• Minimum $10,000 or (equivalent to local currency) should be spent in 90 days in your MCC (My Client Centre a/c), used to manage multiple Client’s AdWords accounts.
• Active spending in MCC accounts for at least 60 days to 90 days.
• AdWords MCC a/c should be active for 90 days.

Partner’s account spending is measured from the day your Company’s manager account is linked with AdWords account, So you won’t be shown any details on the amount spend before your account is linked with the partner’s.

4. Company Performance

To achieve the Partner Status your agencies should clear the basic criteria of “Best Practices” in your AdWords accounts which provide you with series of strategic advice on Search Engine Marketing which is mainly intended to get more out of AdWords paid search strategies

Best Practices

Negative keywords:

A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. It tells Google not to show your ad to anyone who is searching for that phrase.

Report & Analytics:

Both AdWords and Google Analytics offer insights into the performance of your campaigns and those insights get better when you use Google Analytics & AdWords together. Help’s you in optimizing your bidding, messaging and performance through these analyses.

Placement Exclusions:

Placements Exclusions where you don’t want to show your Ads, particularly in websites or domains that aren’t appropriate for your brand & which are not helping you to sell your products to the prospective customer.

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