May 08, 2018

Troubleshoot For Low CTR

What is a CTR

AdWords Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics used in PPC advertising. It’s a ratio which shows how often your ads are being clicked.

CTR = Clicks/Impressions *100


A better CTR means more visitors to your websites & high-Quality Score. Also, it reflects that Ads are relevant to user’s search query. 10% & higher CTR is considered to be very good according to industry standards.


Low CTR can result in low-Quality Scores which in turn means you have to bid higher to reach the top of the page. 3% or less CTR is considered to be low according to the industry standards.

Reasons For Low CTR:

  • Poor Ad Position/Ranking.
  • Irrelevant Ads.
  • Ad Extensions not used or not shown.
  • Irrelevant Targeting

How To Increase Low CTR?

Organizing your account serves the right ads to prospective customers & helps you to track the performance of your ads.


• Include locations where you want to show your ads & exclude locations where you don’t.

• Use Advance Location targeting to include Only People who are staying in your targeted locations.

Troubleshoot For Low CTR
• Use Maximize Clicks in the bidding option to increase your clicks.

Troubleshoot For Low CTR
• Use Ad Rotation to Optimize for Clicks. AdWords will automatically show high performing ads more often.

• Use Ad scheduling to stop ads from showing on Low CTR times:



• Check the relevancy of the search query with the Keywords & Ads.

• The quality of the Ad text- CTA (call to action), Special Offers.

Troubleshoot For Low CTR

• Enhance your Ad by using extensions – Callouts Extensions, Site links, Review Extensions, Location Extensions, and Call Extensions.

Troubleshoot For Low CTR
Learn more how to setup Extensions.

• Different Ad Groups should be made for different products & services.

• Make 3 Ads per ad groups which include two Ads using DKI (Dynamic Key Insertion) & one with Brand name in the headlines.

Learn more how to setup DKI


• Search Negative keywords from search Query Report.

Troubleshoot For Low CTR

• Increase bids on top-performing keywords.

 Decrease bids on keywords with CTR less than 2%

• Pause the keywords with less than 1% CTR & Avg. the position is more than 5


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