May 09, 2018

How Facebook Has Changed Our Lives

Facebook - SMO

Ten years and 1.2 billion users into its existence, there is no question that Facebook has changed our lives.

Whether it was an inspired vision, deft execution, a bit of dumb luck or a combination of all three, Mark Zuckerberg’s social juggernaut has ingrained itself into the daily lives of digital- age users in a way that forbears like MySpace and contemporaries like Twitter could only imagine. It’s Facebook’s pervasiveness in linking every aspect of our daily lives- from the music, we listen to on Spotify at work too (possibly) using facial recognition software to tag in a picture- that makes it both intrusive and ingenious as a resource. But, like it or not Facebook has made the world more connected and reshaped the public’s expectation of privacy.

Tech-savvy activists have been successfully using the media to both broadcast and organize their reform efforts. Because of its novel ability to aggregate the internet and the world according to our personal connections, Facebook is essentially democracy in action or at least the closest thing we see in our daily lives. Facebook entails a palpable effect primarily on the aspects of:

Connected Everyone: It is a platform where we are connected with each other directly or indirectly. It is a symbol of unity and harmony.

Made us Dynamic: Social media never sleeps. It is dynamic and changes in every fraction of seconds.

Great Marketing Place: Its dynamic nature unleashes big markets for marketing and advertising our products & services.

This is obvious, apparent and perceptible that Facebook has changed our lives drastically. It has a great effect on our daily life and has motioned every aspect of human life.


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