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Google Analytics:

Google analytics is freemium web analytics service offered by Google which provides statistics and basic analytics tools for SEO and Online Marketing purpose.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics features:

  • Data visualization tools including a dashboard, scorecards, and motion charts, which display changes in data over time.
  • Segmentation for analysis of conversions.
  • Custom reports.
  • Email-based sharing and communication.
  • Integration with other Google products, such as AdWords, Public Data Explorer, and Website Optimizer.


Three levels when you log into Google Analytics:

Accounts – Keeps your sites organized and separated.

Properties – This is where your data is sent. Each property has a unique ID (that looks like UA-XXXXXX-X) so your data is sent to the right place.

Views – These allow you to control how your data appears in your reports.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics Hierarchy

Account Level:


  • Visit and click the Sign into Analytics button top right and follow the screen instruction & click on Google Analytics option.


Google Analytics

  • You need at least one account so you can have access to Analytics
  • Creating identify the properties you want to track.
  • Account user can manage the relationship between accounts and properties.

Google Analytics

  • You can use a one-to-one relationship to one account/one property.
  • You can use a one-to-many relationship of one account/many property ones can create one account and manage 100 accounts.

Google Analytics


  • A property is a website, mobile application, or blog, etc., that is associated with a unique tracking ID.
  • Every property/website generates its own tracking code which is to be inserted in the header of the website.
  •                                                                                                             Google Analytics
  • With one I.D. manage up to 50 properties/websites.The admin of the account can assign user permission at the property level, to assign permissions .Four permissions are available that you can apply:                                                             Google Analytics
  • Manage Users: Can manage account users (add/delete users, assign permissions). Does not include Editor Collaborate.
  • Edit: Can perform administrative and report-related functions (e.g., add/edit/delete accounts, properties, views, filters, goals, etc., but not manage users), and see report data.
  • Collaborate: Can create personal assets, and share them. Can collaborate on shared assets, for example, edit a dashboard or annotation. Includes Read & Analyze.
  • Read & Analyze: Can see report and configuration data; can alter data within reports (e.g., filter a table, add a secondary dimension, and create a segment); can create personal assets, and share them, and see shared assets. Cannot collaborate on shared assets.

Product linking:

You can link your AdWords, Ad Sense, Ad Exchange with Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics


  • AdWords Linking: By synchronizing AdWords accounts and Analytics property it gives access to the real picture of consumer behavior, ad performance, clicks, impressions,& conversions on your website by which you can optimize your AdWords campaigns for improving the overall performance of your business.
  • Ad Sense Linking: To receive data from the Ad sense link with your analytics account by choosing analytic property. By integrating your Ad Sense account with the analytics it will provide one with the information about the ads shown on your websites. By integrating Ad Sense with Analytics, you can improve your ad performance and your users' experience.                     Reasons to integrate your Ad Sense account with Analytics.
  • Ad Exchange: Double Click Ad Exchange lets you earn money by using a Google display tool on your website to host third-party ads that are relevant to your audience. By integrating your Ad Exchange A/c with Analytics A/c to give context to your Ad Exchange data and get a better understanding of your performance.


Views help the account holder to have access to the report- a defined of a data of a property/website.

  • Once you create a view, the reports for that view will show data from the creation date of the view forward. For example, if you create a view on June 1, that view will show data from 1st August forward, but will not show any data collected prior to 1st August.

Google Analytics

  • Analytics automatically creates one unfiltered view for every property in your account, but you can set up multiple views on a single property. Any data you send to an Analytics property automatically appears in all views associated with that property.
  • If you collect data from two websites and send it to one property, then data from both websites appears in all reporting views on that property. This is also true for web and app data.
  • If you collect data from a mobile app and from a website, and both your Google Play Services SDK (Software Development Kit) and your tracking code send data to one property in your Analytics account, all data (both web and app hits) appear in all reporting views associated with that property.

With Google Analytics, other than collecting data about traffic from Google, you will also be able to collect data traffic from MSN and Yahoo! search results with respect to your site and uses it to strengthen your stronghold on the search platform.

Benefits Of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is a free tool which offers much  more functionalities than any paid tools available.
  • Help's in locating the user's who visited your website using other keywords/search query other than the core set keywords that you optimized and help's you in finding out the set of keywords which helped in generating traffic on your websites.
  • Help's in identifying the popular pages and the link that are generating more traffics on your websites which help's in measuring the optimization of your campaign is helping in generating more traffic on your websites.
  • You will be able to study how many visitors are visiting your websites through Search Engine Optimization and keep a track on the new/returning visitors geographically and referral sources.
  • Help's in measuring the impact of mobile browsing on your website If the majority of your traffic comes from mobile then all the more reasons for you to start converting your website for mobile visitors by properly formatting your contents that make mobile viewing and browsing easier. it help's in measuring the performances of  your mobile apps which help's in tracking the download and the engagement activities of your visitors.
  • Help's to analyze your website content performance as web content in one of the major traffic driver's, without the proper content the visitors are left with either with fever or no option to visit other pages of your websites.
  • Help's in determining your conversion rate on your Webstore which includes from where your traffic came from, the keywords used by the prospects customer which helped them  to visit your website or any particular web page, & the demographic location of the traffic sources, and the bounce rate.
  • Help's in motoring the performance of your ads which help's in elevating the rate of success in your online marketing and helps in reach to the prospective customers. however, the success rate of your ads depends on how the Ad campaigns are optimized. The analytic  helps you track various advertising channels such as search ads, social ads, display and banner ads, affiliates, and emails.
  • Analytics integrate with the AdWords campaign which helps you to know wich keyword's terms have better conversion including which terms are non-productive. If you are marketing with Adwords, you will be able to auto-tag your campaign so that you can clearly see the conversion rates of different ads placement and the conversion rate of your landing pages.
  • One of the key features of this tool id that it tracks the traffic generated through the social media platform on your websites. In the advent of increasing importance of social engagement, social media marketing  is already an integral part of online marketing.
  • Your social campaign should include one or more of the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Delicious, and LinkedIn. Tracking all your social media activities is quite difficult even for veteran marketers.


Digital Marketing is a medium through which businesses are made and are grown into big brands. It encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. There are digital marketing channels such as search engines, social media, email and their websites to connect with customers.

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Google analytics is freemium web analytics service offered by Google which provides statistics and basic analytics tools for SEO and Online Marketing purpose.

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