Jul 11, 2018

7 Tips For Optimizing Lead-Capture Forms

When a customer is confronted with a lead-capture form, which asks details in exchange for a product or service, either he fills it or abandon the page entirely. In order to increase the chances of users converting, here are seven changes you could do to enhance your lead generation.


     1. Highlight Ease:

               If you have a lengthy form it can often prevent users from converting. This means that the forms should be as short as possible with only the necessary details you need of a customer. The form should be optimized to highlight speed and ease. It will be better if this form has any type of C-T-A (Call To Action) to lure customers into converting. 


     2. Only Ask For The Essentials:

               One of the big mistakes that a company makes in lead form is asking too many details on the front. It can be a great help in getting better quality leads, but on the other side it can easily put-off the user. 

               A shorter form usually means more people will be willing to fill it out, so you'll generate more leads. But the quality of the leads will be higher when visitors are willing to fill out more form fields and provide you with more information about themselves and what      they're looking for.


     3. Avoid 'Submit':

               Try to avoid a 'submit' button on the form. A user should know what will happen when he fills the form, and 'submit' sounds entirely non-committal.

               In contrast, buttons like 'get started' or 'click to download' indicate an action, i.e. that something will actually happen when you click. This 'Call To Action' will make a psychological impact on the user and in turn he will fill the form.


     4. Point To Progress Made:

               One way to capture higher quality leads without alienating users is to use multi-step forms. These types of forms are lengthy but are broken up into shorter ones so as not to daunt or overwhelm the user. Indicating with the word 'next' is an effective way of letting the user know that there is something else coming up which also is a way of making the user curious and doesn't frustrate him unlike the one single long unbroken form.

               However, by making the initial stage as quick and easy as possible, it reduces friction, and gives the sense that the rest of the process will be similarly seamless.


     5. Clarify Errors:

               Sometimes we forget to add something about us or write something wrong in the form and there's nothing else we can do about it because we have already submitted the form. There are forms that automatically highlight these issues and make the process much easier, reducing friction (and potential user frustraton).


     6. Make Your Privacy Policy Clear:

               Nowadays, cyber crime and scam is too commmon and in abundance. This is making users all around the globe feel insecure about a lot of things online. A user doesn't want his data to be misused anywhere online that's why having a security or privacy policy  on the form makes it clear and acts as trustable entity. 

               So, it's the responsibility of the company to clearly highlight it's privacy policy with links on the form and copy that reassures users. security badges also indicate that a site is secure, giving users instant reassurance that it's safe to enter sensitive details.


     7. Position It Right:

               Positioning the form on your website is also one of the important ways of getting more leads. It should be in such a position that it is cleary visible and doesn't frustrates the user. We had a lot of talks of the positioning of the form whether it should be above or      below the fold.

               Ultimately, this comes down to the industry and what a form is offering.  So, basically to generate more leads, the form should be eye-catching and easily accessible to users.


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